Painting and Decorating

We can complete your painting and decorating project, big or small. If you’re looking for a complete redecoration, or just a retouch, we will complete all aspects of the job including preparation of the area. We use all the best paints and equipment to ensure a high-quality finish.

Paint Stripping

When preparing for a new coat of paint, it is sometimes necessary to strip the original paint first. SMJ will assess your project and use the method of stripping paint most appropriate for the job. IMPORTANT: If your project is on an older property, it is important to use the correct method as surfaces may have previously been painted with lead based paint. SMJ will complete the job safely and professionally.

Decorating Paint Effects

We can use several techniques to achieve your desired paint effects. This is great for feature walls or making a room look extra special. So much can be achieved through paint effects, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. Again, we are happy to advise you in this project.

Wallpapers & Paints

We use quality wallpaper and paints and are happy to advise you on the best options for your project.

Exterior Decorating

We can help transform the exterior of your property to give it a fresh and contemporary look. Contact us today to explore the range of options we can offer you.


SMJ are experts in tiling and we can tile floors, bathrooms, and kitchens to meet your specific needs. We will complete all elements of the job including laying, grouting and sealing to a high standard. We are happy to help you plan your tiling project also.

Plastering & Screeding

Some painting and decorating jobs will require plastering and screeding first. Plastering walls allows a smooth surface to paint or paper over that then provides a quality finish. Screeding is a similar process for floors and garden patios/pavements, where the concrete is levelled to provide a smooth flat surface.


SMJ can complete skimming if it is more advisable to upgrade the existing plaster rather than replastering. The skim coat is then painted to give an attractive finish, which can then be painted and decorated to your own style.

Patios and Pathways

We know that the exterior of a property is as important as the interior, and patios and pathways really spruces up a property, as well as making properties more practical and manageable. We will lay patios and pathways to meet your specifications, managing all aspects of the project from design to installation. SMJ will install a long-lasting and professional patio/pathway to suit your needs.

Garden Landscaping

MJ provide all aspects of landscape gardening. We can help you with the design of your garden, or if you already have ideas in mind, we can complete the hard work for you, ensuring we meet your specifications. If you’re considering laying turf, installing a patio, building a wall, laying decking, installing a sleeper flower bed – or any other landscaping service, please get in touch to find out how we can help you transform your garden.


Quality fencing improves the aesthetics of a property, as well as adding an element of safety and security. We can install a quality fence that meets your needs and style, no matter the size of the property.


Guttering is an essential part of your property as it protects the foundations by diverting water away from the building. Our guttering services will ensure that your property does not suffer from structural damage, or dampness and mould. Our expert family team can clear and repair your gutters, and install top quality guttering in your commercial or domestic property.

Property Maintenance

We are also able to help with a range of general property maintenance services as you require, from smaller jobs such as paint-touch ups to more complex tasks such as carpentry. SMJ will provide the necessary tools and expertise to these jobs, that will keep your property in good repair and avoid the need for larger and more costly projects.


Our family run business has offered general handyman services for many years. We can help with a whole host of tasks: no job is too small! Just some of the services we are happy to help with include:
• Fix a cupboard door back on
• Put up coat hooks
• Put up towel rails, toilet roll holders (including on tiles)
• Unblock a sink
• Re-Grout wall tiles
• Install laminate flooring
• Replace light fittings
• Stop a creaking floor
• Put up a curtain rail
• Re-Felt a shed roof
We understand that modern lifestyles are extremely busy, and sometimes it is more practical to have somebody help complete these tasks, or perhaps you would just feel more comfortable having a professional use their expertise on the job. We take pride in helping our customers, and know we have made a difference to people through this service.